The Towers

Towers Full Picture

“Towers” 2011 Acrylics on Masonite Board


The Blind Project

This Recent project started with a question: Why do I Self Sacrifice?

I wanted to invite the public to help create this piece so 80% to 90% of the text on the white side of the blind is written by my viewing public from Art in the Bar at the Knitting Factory in Boise. I asked them to answer the question “Why do you Self Sacrifice?”

Self Sacrifice 1DSC_2578


Self Sacrifice Full Figure in Full ViewJellyfish Closeup

The responses were amazing. Hopefully the next show I have will fill in some of the leftover blank spots. I don’t think I will consider this piece finished till I have a bit more writing and I put a protective coat on it.

Works In Progress Update

Sorry for the long absence. I moved into a new Apartment in May and things have just been snowballing since then. I have gotten some spare hours to work on a piece of mine and it is coming along swimmingly!  Below is a photo of it,  some rough figure drawing practice I did over the past few months and another Work in Progress.






50% of my Mirrors are DONE!

DSCF0648I finished the first of my two Mirror Pieces reflecting negative self talk vs. positive self talk. The piece above is negative self talk. It’s very hard to see in my picture here but the pieces of broken glass have different reflective qualities in places. There are some spots that are very visible and clear but most of them are foggy. There are words carved into the black parts surrounding the mirror as well as written in red or black. I am very happy this piece is done so I can move over to the non cracked mirror to show a comparison between the two. After this adventure with Modge Podge I think I will use it a lot more if I need paper items stuck to a canvas.

Modge Podge & Still Life

So last time I posted about my lovely accident with my mirror piece and the floor. I have figured out a solution. Modge Podge is amazing and dries clear which is great! It’s lending a very foggy effect to this mirror piece and I think I’ll use another layer after putting some more text to it. There have been some sections of paint that have torn off but I believe it just forces me to be creative. The pictures below show how the Modge Podge is drying clear and the foggy effect I’ve gotten from it.



If anyone’s been wondering where I’ve been the last 3 weeks I’ve been battling a cold/sickness/allergies.  Spring has sprung around here but I’ve found a bit of time to carve out as my own this afternoon to modge-podge, doodle and make a half decent sketch for future project (see below) There will be more on this project by the end of the week! Gotta crack open the oil paints for this one 🙂


Whelp, mistakes happen.

I was moving my easel to another section of floor in my studio and this happened!

I was going to take pictures of my negative self talk mirror work tonight but I guess fate has other ideas about what a cracked psyche looks like. Here are some more details. Hopefully my ipod camera will work well enough for this. 🙂 still in progress but i figured a sneak peek is better than nothing!

Positives & Negatives

I’ve been thinking a lot about how positive and negative self talk effects people. We distort the way we see ourselves with negative talk and build our self image up with positive talk. Even if you’re looking in the mirror you don’t see what you look like to others because of what you tell yourself. I have two square golden mirrors that I plan on using to illustrate the dichotomy between positive and negative view of one’s self. Tonight I work on scraping off my prototype text in favor of a different method of visual stimuli. Please share if you you’d like to, what your negative or positive self talk looks like. Thanks for the input!

Work in progress