Modge Podge & Still Life

So last time I posted about my lovely accident with my mirror piece and the floor. I have figured out a solution. Modge Podge is amazing and dries clear which is great! It’s lending a very foggy effect to this mirror piece and I think I’ll use another layer after putting some more text to it. There have been some sections of paint that have torn off but I believe it just forces me to be creative. The pictures below show how the Modge Podge is drying clear and the foggy effect I’ve gotten from it.



If anyone’s been wondering where I’ve been the last 3 weeks I’ve been battling a cold/sickness/allergies.  Spring has sprung around here but I’ve found a bit of time to carve out as my own this afternoon to modge-podge, doodle and make a half decent sketch for future project (see below) There will be more on this project by the end of the week! Gotta crack open the oil paints for this one 🙂



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